Label Capture Settings

Defined under the namespace Scandit.Datacapture.Label

class LabelCaptureSettings

Added in version 6.5.0

settingsFromLabelDefinitions(definitions, properties)
static settingsFromLabelDefinitions(definitions: LabelDefinition[],
        properties: object<string, string> | null): LabelCaptureSettings

Added in version 6.22.0

Load the settings from an array of LabelDefinition with optional hidden properties

static fromJSON(json: object<string, any>): LabelCaptureSettings | null

Added in version 6.5.0

Load the settings from a JSON object representation of a label blueprint, provided to you by Scandit.

Deprecated since version 6.22: Deprecated in favour of a new way to initialize this class using LabelDefinition

setProperty(name, value)
setProperty(name: string,
        value: any): void

Added in version 6.5.0

Sets a property to the provided value. Use this method to set properties that are not yet part of a stable API. Properties set through this method may change in a future release.

getProperty(name: string): any

Added in version 6.5.0

Retrieves the value of a previously set property. In case the property does not exist, null is returned. Use this method to get properties that are not yet part of a stable API. These properties may change in a future release.