Barcode Tracking Basic Overlay Listener

Defined under the namespace Scandit.Datacapture.Barcode.Tracking.Ui


Using this class requires the MatrixScan AR add-on.

interface BarcodeTrackingBasicOverlayListener

Added in version 6.19.0

brushForTrackedBarcode(overlay, trackedBarcode)
brushForTrackedBarcode?(overlay: BarcodeTrackingBasicOverlay,
        trackedBarcode: TrackedBarcode): Brush | null

Added in version 6.19.0

Callback method that can be used to set a Brush for a tracked barcode. It is called when a new tracked barcode appears. Called from the rendering thread. If the callback returns null, then no visualization will be drawn for the tracked barcode. Additionally, tapping on the barcode will have no effect - the action defined by didTapTrackedBarcode() callback will not be performed.

didTapTrackedBarcode(overlay, trackedBarcode)
didTapTrackedBarcode?(overlay: BarcodeTrackingBasicOverlay,
        trackedBarcode: TrackedBarcode): void

Added in version 6.19.0

Callback method that can be used to define an action that should be performed once a tracked barcode is tapped. Called from the main thread.