Localized Only Barcode

Defined under the namespace Scandit.Datacapture.Barcode

class LocalizedOnlyBarcode

Added in version 6.13.0

A barcode that was only localized but not recognized yet. This means there is no data or symbology associated with it.

get location(): Quadrilateral

Added in version 6.13.0

The location of the code. The coordinates are in image-space, meaning that the coordinates correspond to actual pixels in the image. For display, the coordinates need first to be converted into screen-space.

The meaning of the values of Quadrilateral.topLeft etc is such that the top left point corresponds to the top left corner of the barcode, independent of how the code is oriented in the image.


In case the feature is not licensed, a quadrilateral with all corners set to 0, 0 is returned.

get frameID(): number

Added in version 6.13.0

Id of the frame from which this barcode information was obtained.