ScQuadrilateralF Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

ScQuadrilateralF sc_quadrilateral_float_make (ScPointF tl, ScPointF tr, ScPointF br, ScPointF bl)

Data Fields

ScPointF top_left
ScPointF top_right
ScPointF bottom_right
ScPointF bottom_left

Detailed Description

A 2-dimensional polygon with 4 corners described as relative float coordinates.

The quadrilateral is defined by the coordinates of each of its corners. Values are relative to the size of the image and must be positive.


Member Function Documentation

ScQuadrilateralF sc_quadrilateral_float_make ( ScPointF  tl,
ScPointF  tr,
ScPointF  br,
ScPointF  bl 

Helper function to initialize a quadrilateral with float precision and 4 corners.

tlTop-left corner.
trTop-right corner.
brBottom-right corner.
blBottom-left corner.
The created quadrilateral.

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