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How To Deploy

This guide shows how to deploy the Scandit Simple Sample application to a Win 10 Mobile device from an appxbundle. If you are compiling the sample yourself, you can deploy from Visual Studio directly. Only use this guide if you have received an application in binary form.


  1. Under “For Developer” option, settings>Update&Security >For developers, enable Developer mode

    developer Mode 0

  2. Enable Device discovery and Device Portal

    developer Mode

  3. Connect to the device (IP address) using a web browser and manage apps via the Apps page

    app Manager 1

  4. Add the app package (SimpleSampleUniversal/SimpleSampleUniversal_x.x.x_x86_x64_arm.appxbundle) and the dependencies (SimpleSampleUniversal/Dependencies/ARM)

    app Manager 2

  5. Press Go and wait until the app is installed