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Update To 4.10

This guide tells you how to upgrade from Scandit BarcodeScanner SDK 4.9 and older to 4.10.

In version 4.10, the Windows assemblies were restructured to make them compatible with Windows 10 Universal Platform apps. As part of that change, a few backwards-incompatible changes have been introduced. At the same time, this was taken as an oppurtunity to make a few changes to the API to get make it closer to the iOS and Android APIs. This guide describes how you can upgrade from version 4.9 to version 4.10 of the BarcodeScanner SDK.

Overview of Changes

The following changes have been made for version 4.10:

  • The Windows 8.1 Phone and Windows 8.1 Store App packages have been moved into a single NuGet package. This means you can now add the same nuget package for your Windows 8.1 Store and Windows phone app.
  • The project has been restructured to be compatible with Windows 10 Universal applications. The Scandit.BarcodePicker and Scandit.Recognition assemblies are now portable class libraries.
  • The scan UI has been updated to be closer to match the look and feel on iOS and Android.
  • The BarcodePicker API has been simplified and is now closer to the API on iOS and Android.
Updating Your Project

Update your application manifest

The class for accessing the raw frame data has changed. Thus you will need to replace the extensions section in your Package.appxmanifest with the following code:

Add Extension Class to the App Manifest
<Extensions xmlns=""><Extension Category="windows.activatableClass.inProcessServer"><InProcessServer><Path>Scandit.Recognition.dll</Path><ActivatableClass ActivatableClassId="Scandit.Recognition.FrameAccess" ThreadingModel="both" /></InProcessServer></Extension></Extensions>

Code Changes

Due to the change in project structure, a few classes have been moved to other namespaces and slightly adjusted. These changes will have to be carried out in your code:

  • Replace uses of BarcodePickerSession, e.g. in the DidScanDelegate with ScanSession
  • Replace uses of the BarcodeScannerSettings with ScanSettings