Data Capture Overlay

Defined under the namespace Scandit.Datacapture.Core.Ui

interface DataCaptureOverlay

Added in version 6.5.0

A capture mode overlay is the UI counterpart of capture modes and visualizes the recognition process in the graphical user interface. Overlays highlight objects such as identified barcodes on top of the preview. Overlays may add UI elements to guide the user, such as view finders.

Capture mode overlays are added to a DataCaptureView through DataCaptureView.addOverlay() and removed again through DataCaptureView.removeOverlay(). Overlays are associated to the data capture modes they require when they are constructed.

Overlays are restricted to the set of overlays provided by the Scandit Data Capture SDK, it is not possible for customers to implement this interface and provide custom overlays. This interface does not expose any methods or properties, it just serves as a tag for different overlays.