Combined Viewfinder

Defined in package com.scandit.datacapture.core.ui.viewfinder

class CombinedViewfinder : Viewfinder

Added in version 6.4.0

A viewfinder that is a container for other viewfinders. It allows you to have multiple viewfinders in one overlay.

To use this viewfinder, create a new instance of it and assign it to the overlay, e.g. assign it to the barcode capture overlay with the BarcodeCaptureOverlay.viewfinder property.


Added in version 6.4.0

Returns a new combined viewfinder.

void addViewfinder(@NonNull Viewfinder viewfinder)

Added in version 6.4.0

Adds viewfinder.

addViewfinder(viewfinder, pointOfInterest)
void addViewfinder(@NonNull Viewfinder viewfinder,
        @NonNull PointWithUnit pointOfInterest)

Added in version 6.4.0

Adds a viewfinder that uses the specified point of interest when drawing the viewfinder on the overlay.

void removeViewfinder(@NonNull Viewfinder viewfinder)

Added in version 6.4.0

Removes the given viewfinder.

void removeAll()

Added in version 6.4.0

Removes all contained viewfinders.