Aimer Viewfinder

Defined in package com.scandit.datacapture.core.ui.viewfinder

class AimerViewfinder : Viewfinder

Added in version 6.6.0

Aimer viewfinder with an embedded Scandit logo. This is the recommended viewfinder when using RadiusLocationSelection.

To use this viewfinder, create a new instance and assign it to the overlay, e.g. the barcode capture overlay via the BarcodeCaptureOverlay.viewfinder property.


Added in version 6.6.0

Returns a new aimer viewfinder with default parameters.

int getFrameColor()
void setFrameColor(int value)

Added in version 6.6.0

The color of the outer frame.

int getDotColor()
void setDotColor(int value)

Added in version 6.6.0

The color of the central dot. The alpha value is ignored and remains at 70%.