Radius Location Selection

Defined in package com.scandit.datacapture.core.area

class RadiusLocationSelection : LocationSelection

Added in version 6.0.0

Location selection for selecting codes inside a circle with the given radius, centered on the point of interest. Any object that touches the circle is returned, objects that do not intersect the circle are filtered out. See Scan Area Guide for an in depth explanation of location selection.

RadiusLocationSelection(@NonNull FloatWithUnit radius)

Added in version 6.0.0

Creates a new radius location selection instance with the specified radius.

@NonNull FloatWithUnit getRadius()

Added in version 6.0.0

The radius of the circle. When using fractional coordinates, the radius is measured relative to the view’s width.

@NonNull String toJson()

Added in version 6.16.0

Returns the JSON representation of the location selection.