Laserline Viewfinder

Defined in package com.scandit.datacapture.core.ui.viewfinder


Added in version 6.8.0

The style of the LaserlineViewfinder.


Added in version 6.8.0

The legacy style from versions before 6.8.


Added in version 6.8.0

New style from version 6.8 onwards with an animation.

class LaserlineViewfinder : Viewfinder

Added in version 6.0.0

A horizontal laser line with a Scandit logo underneath. Toggles color depending on the capture mode enabled property. The laserline is centered on the data capture view’s point of interest.

To use this viewfinder, create a new instance and assign it to the overlay, e.g. the barcode capture overlay via the BarcodeCaptureOverlay.viewfinder property.

LaserlineViewfinder(LaserlineViewfinderStyle style)

Added in version 6.8.0

Returns a new laserline viewfinder in the style provided.


Added in version 6.0.0

Constructs a new laserline viewfinder with LaserlineViewfinderStyle.LEGACY.

Deprecated since version 6.14.0: Use LaserlineViewfinder() instead.

@NonNull FloatWithUnit getWidth()
void setWidth(@NonNull FloatWithUnit value)

Added in version 6.0.0

The width of the laser line. The laser line is centered on the point of interest of the view. When specifying the width with relative units, the width is measured relative to the view’s width minus the horizontal scan area margins.

int getEnabledColor()
void setEnabledColor(int value)

Added in version 6.0.0

The color to be used when recognition is enabled/active.

int getDisabledColor()
void setDisabledColor(int value)

Added in version 6.0.0

The color to be used when recognition is disabled/inactive.

LaserlineViewfinderStyle getStyle()

Added in version 6.8.0

The style of the viewfinder.