Data Capture Context Builder

Defined in package com.scandit.datacapture.core.capture

class DataCaptureContextBuilder

Added in version 6.1.0

A builder for the DataCaptureContext that allows to set additional properties that cannot be set through DataCaptureContext.forLicenseKey().

DataCaptureContextBuilder(@NonNull String licenseKey)

Added in version 6.8.0

Constructs a builder to build a data capture context with additional properties.

@NonNull DataCaptureContextBuilder deviceName(@NonNull String deviceName)

Added in version 6.1.0

Sets a device name. The device name allows to optionally identify the device with a user-provided name. This name is then associated with the unique identifier of the device and displayed in the online dashboard.

@NonNull DataCaptureContextBuilder externalId(@NonNull String externalId)

Added in version 6.1.0

Sets an external ID. The external ID is a customer defined identifier that is verified in the license key. This is an optional feature for resellers of the Scandit Data Capture SDK.

@NonNull DataCaptureContextBuilder settings(@NonNull DataCaptureContextSettings settings)

Added in version 6.7.0

Sets additional settings for the context.

@NonNull DataCaptureContext build()

Added in version 6.1.0

Constructs a data capture context with the properties set on the builder.