Data Capture View Size Listener#

Defined in package com.scandit.datacapture.core.ui

interface DataCaptureViewSizeListener

Added in version 6.7.0

Listener for observing the data capture view. This listener is a dupliate of DataCaptureViewListener that provides the view as a function parameter.

onSizeChanged(view, width, height, screenRotation)#
void onSizeChanged(DataCaptureView view,
        int width,
        int height,
        int screenRotation)

Added in version 6.7.0

Invoked when the data capture view changes size or orientation.

Rotation parameter might have value of Surface.ROTATION_0, Surface.ROTATION_90, Surface.ROTATION_180 or Surface.ROTATION_270.


If you’re interested in the actual device orientation and not the one of the preview surface, check out the DeviceOrientationMapper.