Label Capture Settings#

Defined in package com.scandit.datacapture.label.capture

class LabelCaptureSettings

Added in version 6.0.0

static @NonNull LabelCaptureSettings loadFromString(
        @NonNull String string)

Added in version 6.0.0

Load the settings from the string representation (JSON) of a label blueprint, provided to you by Scandit.

@Nullable LocationSelection getLocationSelection()
void setLocationSelection(@Nullable LocationSelection value)

Added in version 6.9.0

Defines the strategy with which to select one out of many visible texts. See Scan Area Guide. By default, this property is null and text selection is disabled.

Currently only RectangularLocationSelection is supported.

setProperty(name, value)#
void setProperty(@NonNull String name,
        @NonNull Object value)

Added in version 6.3.0

Sets a property to the provided value. Use this method to set properties that are not yet part of a stable API. Properties set through this method may change in a future release.

@NonNull Object getProperty(@NonNull String name)

Added in version 6.3.0

Retrieves the value of a previously set property. In case the property does not exist, null is returned. Use this method to get properties that are not yet part of a stable API. These properties may change in a future release.