Barcode Pick Async Mapper Product Provider Callback

Defined under the namespace Scandit.Datacapture.Barcode.Pick

interface BarcodePickAsyncMapperProductProviderCallback

Added in version 6.19.0

A callback to be provided to a BarcodePickAsyncMapperProductProvider object. This callback allows to retrieve asynchronously product identifiers for the given itemsData ( i.e. the scanned codes ).

productIdentifierForItems(itemsData, callback)
productIdentifierForItems(itemsData: string[],
        callback: BarcodePickProductProviderCallback): void

Added in version 6.19.0

From this callback async operations can be fired to retrieve the product identifiers for the provided itemsData. Once retrieved, callback.onData should be invoked with a list of BarcodePickProductProviderCallbackItem, consisting each of an itemData string and its product identifier. The product identifier can be null if not found.