Defined in library scandit_datacapture_barcode

class ArucoMarker

Added in version 6.22.0

int get size

Added in version 6.22.0

The size of the ArucoMarker.

Uint8List get data

Added in version 6.22.0

The data of the ArucoMarker.

ArucoMarker.create(markerSize, markerData)
factory ArucoMarker.create(int markerSize,
        Uint8List markerData)

Added in version 6.22.0

Constructs an ArUco marker definition. Used to create a custom ArucoDictionary.

  • markerSize is the length of the side of the barcode. For a 5 by 5 marker it will be 5.

  • markerData is the data used to build the marker. It needs to contain only the values 0 or 1 as 8-bit values. The order is row major. For a 5 by 5 marker it needs to contain 25 bytes.

Uint8List data = Uint8List.fromList([1, 1, 0, .... 1, 1]); // Contains 25 values
ArucoMarker marker = ArucoMarker.create(5, data);