Barcode Count

Defined in library scandit_datacapture_barcode_count

class BarcodeCount : DataCaptureMode

Added in version 6.17.0

Barcode Count is a data capture mode that implements MatrixScan Count in use cases that include a counting workflow such as receiving, inventory count, and stock taking. MatrixScan Count is an out-of-the-box scan and count solution that enables faster and more accurate counting of multiple items at once.

Learn more on how to use the mode in our Get Started With MatrixScan Count guide.

This capture mode uses the barcode scanning and tracking capabilities. It cannot be used together with other capture modes that require the same capabilities, e.g. BarcodeCapture.

BarcodeCount.forContext(context, settings)
BarcodeCount.forContext(DataCaptureContext context,
        BarcodeCountSettings settings)

Added in version 6.17.0

Constructs a new barcode count mode with the provided context and settings.

bool isEnabled

Added in version 6.17.0

Implemented from DataCaptureMode. See DataCaptureMode.isEnabled.

Future<void> applySettings(BarcodeCountSettings settings)

Added in version 6.17.0

Asynchronously applies the new settings to the barcode scanner, then calls whenDone. If the scanner is currently running, the task will complete when the next frame is processed, and will use the new settings for that frame. If the scanner is currently not running, the task will complete as soon as the settings have been stored and won’t wait until the next frame is going to be processed.

void addListener(BarcodeCountListener listener)

Added in version 6.17.0

Adds the listener to observe this barcode capture instance.

If the listener is already observing the barcode count instance, calling this method has no effect.

void removeListener(BarcodeCountListener listener)

Added in version 6.17.0

Removes a previously added listener from this barcode count instance.

If the listener is not currently observing the barcode count instance, calling this method has no effect.

Future<void> reset()

Added in version 6.17.0

Resets the session, effectively clearing the history of tracked and unscanned barcodes.

Future<void> startScanningPhase()

Added in version 6.17.0

Starts the capture session. If the isEnabled is false, this call has no effect.

static CameraSettings get recommendedCameraSettings

Added in version 6.17.0

Returns the recommended camera settings for use with barcode count.

DataCaptureContext? get context

Added in version 6.17.0

Implemented from DataCaptureMode. See DataCaptureMode.context.

BarcodeCountFeedback feedback

Added in version 6.17.0

Instance of BarcodeCountFeedback that is used by the barcode scanner to notify users about Success and Failure events.

The default instance of the Feedback will have both sound and vibration enabled. A default beep sound will be used for the sound.

Future<void> endScanningPhase()

Added in version 6.17.0

Disables this mode and switches off the current FrameSource.

Future<void> setBarcodeCountCaptureList(BarcodeCountCaptureList list)

Added in version 6.17.0

Enables “Scanning against a list” mode, which provides additional functionality when looking for a specific set of Barcodes.

Future<void> setAdditionalBarcodes(List<Barcode> barcodes)

Added in version 6.17.0

Use this method to inject barcodes that will be used as partial scanning result. BarcodeCountView will consider these barcodes when updating the UI. Note that, if scanning against a list where multiple instances of the same barcode are expected, each entry in this list will only count as 1 towards the expected total. In order to specify that several instances of a barcode were scanned in previous sessions, this list should include one entry per each of those instances.

Future<void> clearAdditionalBarcodes()

Added in version 6.17.0

Clears the additional barcodes.