Barcode Filter Settings

Defined in library scandit_datacapture_barcode_filter

class BarcodeFilterSettings

Added in version 6.17.0

These settings are used to select barcodes that will be filtered out in the view. Any barcode that matches any of the provided settings will be covered by a colored layer.

Set<Symbology> excludedSymbologies

Added in version 6.17.0

A set of Symbology to exclude. If an excluded Symbology is not part of the set of active symbologies in the mode, this setting will have no effect on that Symbology.

String excludedCodesRegex

Added in version 6.17.0

A regular expression to be matched against ByteData.

Map<Symbology, Set<int>> excludedSymbolCounts

Added in version 6.17.0

A map of excluded symbol counts, indexed by Symbology. Each Symbology will have assigned a set of all the character counts for the barcode’s ByteData that will be matched.

bool excludeEan13

Added in version 6.17.0

When set to true, EAN 13 barcodes will be excluded.

bool excludeUpca

Added in version 6.17.0

When set to true, UPC-A barcodes will be excluded.