Barcode Pick

Defined in library scandit_datacapture_barcode_pick


Barcode Pick is still in beta and may change in future versions of Scandit Data Capture SDK.

class BarcodePick

Added in version 6.22.0

Capture mode that implements barcode pick.

BarcodePick(dataCaptureContext, settings, productProvider)
 BarcodePick(DataCaptureContext dataCaptureContext,
        BarcodePickSettings settings,
        BarcodePickProductProvider productProvider)

Added in version 6.22.0

Construct a new BarcodePick instance:

static CameraSettings get recommendedCameraSettings

Added in version 6.22.0

Returns the recommended camera settings to use with the mode.

void addScanningListener(BarcodePickScanningListener listener)

Added in version 6.22.0

Adds a scanning listener to this BarcodePick instance.

void removeScanningListener(BarcodePickScanningListener listener)

Added in version 6.22.0

Removes the scanning listener from this BarcodePick instance.