Defined in package com.scandit.datacapture.barcode

class ArucoMarker

Added in version 6.19.0

int getSize()

Added in version 6.19.0

The size of the ArucoMarker.

byte[] getData()

Added in version 6.19.0

The data of the ArucoMarker.

create(markerSize, markerData)
static @NonNull ArucoMarker create(int markerSize,
        byte[] markerData)

Added in version 6.19.0

Constructs an ArUco marker definition. Used to create a custom ArucoDictionary.

  • markerSize is the length of the side of the barcode. For a 5 by 5 marker it will be 5.

  • markerData is the data used to build the marker. It needs to contain only the values 0 or 1 as 8-bit values. The order is row major. For a 5 by 5 marker it needs to contain 25 bytes.

byte[] data = {1, 1, 0, .... 1, 1}; // Contains 25 values
ArucoMarker marker = ArucoMarker.create(5, data);