SparkScan Feedback Delegate

Defined in package

interface SparkScanFeedbackDelegate

Added in version 6.23.0

Feedback delegate interface for SparkScan. This can be used to customize the emitted feedback for each detected barcode. See SparkScanView.feedbackDelegate.

@Nullable SparkScanBarcodeFeedback getFeedbackForBarcode(
        @NonNull Barcode barcode)

Added in version 6.23.0

Invoked for each detected barcode. The implementation should return SparkScanBarcodeFeedback.Success, SparkScanBarcodeFeedback.Error, or null. If null is returned, the default brush is used to visualize the barcode and no other feedback (visual, sound, or haptic) is emitted. By default returns SparkScanBarcodeFeedback.Success. Note that this method is executed on a background thread.