Barcode Selection Automatic Aimer Selection

Defined in framework ScanditBarcodeCapture


Added in version 6.17.0

Enum used to specify what happens when the user aims a barcode.


Added in version 6.17.0

Aiming and tapping an unselected barcode select it. Aiming and tapping an already selected barcode unselect it. The behavior does not apply when using SDCBarcodeSelectionAutoSelectionStrategy. In this case, SDCBarcodeSelectionAimerBehaviorRepeatSelection is always in used.


Added in version 6.17.0

Aiming an unselected barcode selects it. Aiming on an already selected barcode will increment the count returned by SDCBarcodeSelectionSession.countForBarcode:.

@interface SDCBarcodeSelectionAimerSelection : NSObject <SDCBarcodeSelectionType>

Added in version 6.6.0

Aimer based selection, customizable via selectionStrategy.

+ aimerSelection
+ (instancetype)aimerSelection

Added in version 6.6.0

Creates a new SDCBarcodeSelectionAimerSelection instance.

- initWithAimerBehavior:
- (instancetype)initWithAimerBehavior:(SDCBarcodeSelectionAimerBehavior)aimerBehavior

Added in version 6.17.0

Creates a new SDCBarcodeSelectionAimerSelection instance with the specified SDCBarcodeSelectionAimerBehavior.

@property (nonatomic, strong, nonnull) id<SDCBarcodeSelectionStrategy> selectionStrategy

Added in version 6.6.0

The selection strategy to use. Defaults to SDCBarcodeSelectionManualSelectionStrategy.

@property (nonatomic, assign) SDCBarcodeSelectionAimerBehavior aimerBehavior

Added in version 6.17.0

Aimer behavior to use. Defaults to SDCBarcodeSelectionAimerBehaviorRepeatSelection.

@property (nonatomic, nonnull, readonly) NSString *JSONString

Added in version 6.10.0

Returns the JSON representation.

NSString *_Nonnull NSStringFromBarcodeSelectionAimerBehavior(SDCBarcodeSelectionAimerBehavior aimerBehavior)

Added in version 6.17.0

Serialize the barcode selection aimer behavior in a JSON string.

SDCBarcodeSelectionAimerBehaviorFromJSONString(JSONString, aimerBehavior)
BOOL SDCBarcodeSelectionAimerBehaviorFromJSONString(NSString *_Nonnull JSONString, SDCBarcodeSelectionAimerBehavior *_Nonnull aimerBehavior)

Added in version 6.17.0

Deserialize the barcode selection aimer behavior from a JSON string.