Target Barcode

Defined in framework ScanditBarcodeCapture

@interface SDCTargetBarcode : NSObject

Added in version 6.15.0

A barcode that’s part of a list of targets for SDCBarcodeCountCaptureList.

- initWithData:quantity:
- (instancetype)initWithData:(NSString *)data

Added in version 6.15.0

Constructs a new target barcode to be added to a SDCBarcodeCountCaptureList.

@property (nonatomic, nonnull, readonly) NSString *data

Added in version 6.15.0

The data of the target barcode, as a sequence of characters.

@property (nonatomic, readonly) NSInteger quantity

Added in version 6.15.0

The number of times that the target barcode is expected to be scanned.