Barcode Pick View Highlight Style Async Provider

Defined in framework ScanditBarcodeCapture


Barcode Pick is still in beta and may change in future versions of Scandit Data Capture SDK.

@protocol SDCBarcodePickViewHighlightStyleDelegate <NSObject>

Added in version 6.22.0

A delegate to be provided to a SDCBarcodePickViewHighlightStyle object that supports it. This delegate allows to retrieve asynchronously the style to be applied to a highlight.

- styleForRequest:completionHandler:
- (void)styleForRequest:(nonnull SDCBarcodePickHighlightStyleRequest *)request
      completionHandler:(nonnull void (^)(SDCBarcodePickHighlightStyleResponse *_Nullable))completionHandler

Added in version 6.22.0

This method will be called every time a style for an item is needed.