Barcode Pick View Highlight Style Custom View


Barcode Pick is still in beta and may change in future versions of Scandit Data Capture SDK.

Defined in framework ScanditBarcodeCapture

@interface SDCBarcodePickViewHighlightStyleCustomView : NSObject <SDCBarcodePickViewHighlightStyle>

Added in version 6.23.0

A style that will allow the user to provide their own views to be displayed on top of barcodes.

@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL fitViewsToBarcode

Added in version 6.23.0

If YES the view size will be adjusted to cover the barcode. Defaults to NO.

@property (nonatomic, nonnull, readonly) NSString *JSONString

Added in version 6.23.0

Returns the JSON representation of this SDCBarcodePickViewHighlightStyleCustomView.

@property (nonatomic, weak, nullable) id<SDCBarcodePickViewHighlightStyleCustomViewDelegate> delegate

Added in version 6.23.0

Sets a delegate that will provide the views to be displayed.